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 Finally no more waiting. The trendiest, newest, bobbliest,
amusement ride in Europe and the US has made it to Atlantic Canada
and your invited to come and ride the bobble.

GotBobbled? is an exciting, inflatable, on water, amusement ride that can be set up at a grand opening, a concert, a festival, a corporate function, or that special family milestone! GotBobbled? is a strong brand and is the premier consideration for special event coordinators and municipalities. As well, GotBobbled?'s EXCLUSIVE position in the Canadian market will give businesses and sponsors a unique advertising edge at some of the biggest events in Atlantic Canada.

BOBBLES are made of soft polyurethane safe for children, strong enough for teenagers and most adults, and guaranteed to keep you from getting wet. You climb in - and in just a few seconds BOBBLE is inflated and you are rolling around in a safe, secure, completely inflatable environment. What a great way to spend a family fun day, or entertaining the kids while Mum or Dad is working, or spicing up your time between acts at the next concert!!!

Book your birthday, family reunion, staff party with us! We can accommodate groups of all sizes and ages!

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- the GotBobbled? team.