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About GotBobbled?

Have you ever thought about walking on water? How about becoming a Human Hamster? This exciting new attraction has finally arrived in Atlantic Canada and becoming hugely popular at events and attractions. If you want to act crazy, and try something new and exciting, then contact our GotBobbled? team to come to your next event. It is the most fun you will ever have!

GotBobbled? has the same concept as a hamster ball. The big difference is GotBobbled? doesn't have holes in it and it lets you walk on water in a soft plastic inflated ball. The bobbles are 6-feet in diameter and water proof, allowing customers to run and roll around in an approximately 24 inch deep pool of water.

GotBobbled? is designed to entertain both young and old. Most customers are kids although adults enjoy the attraction too. Even an 80-year-old woman has tried GotBobbled?!

GotBobbled? needs space of approximately 2,000 square feet allowing enough room for a 30' diameter pool, staging & safety fence. Set up, tear down, and transportation to and from each venue is provided. At any time during events there will be a minimum of 2 trained employees present.

GotBobbled? requires the pool be filled and emptied. We will work within the City/Town regulations to complete this task. We will work with local fire departments that are willing to fill and empty our pool.

GotBobbled? is fully insured by Lloyds of London and have facilities in place to deal with changing policies based on the City/Town's insurance requirements. As per our policy, waivers are signed in advance of any customer entering the bobble.