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Masstown Market

Got Bobbled? is also very excited and pleased to be a located at Masstown Market in Nova Scotia this summer!
Pugwash Harbourfest

Got Bobbled? is extremely excited and pleased to be again a part of the Pugwash Harbourfest in Pugwash, Nova Scotia this summer! Dates to be announced soon for Soccer Bobbles and the Water Bobbles. Check out everything the Harbourfest has to offer at http://www.pugwashharbourfest.ca

Got Bobbled? Introduces Bobble Soccer & child sized soccer bobbles!

Tired of doing the same old thing for your birthday parties, staff parties, reunions and other events? Let us brighten up your party or event and make it something that folks will enjoy and talk about for a long time after your event is over!

Got Bobbled? Bobble License - Huge savings for your family await!

The Bobble License allows parents and children the ease of picking the weekend, days, or weeks that they would like to have unlimited Water Bobble rides at our Masstown Location and Cavendish Boardwalk Location. This is a very affordable and convenient way to gain unlimited access to the Water Bobbles! It is a wallet sized license that contains your photo and the days, weeks, weekends, or whatever other combination of time you have in mind to enjoy the Water Bobbles. If you are planning ahead this is a cost saving avenue to explore. Please contact us for details.

In addition, Got Bobbled? has great combo packages for our very popular PEI GotBobbled? souvenir T's.

See you at the Bobble!

Summer Location

Join us daily at The Cavendish Sunset Boardwalk or the Masstown Market Location from 12-8pm. Remember to check our Facebook page for updates and possibly closures due to weather.